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authentic Shaolin Heritage

authentic shaolin heritage

Learn Traditional Kung Fu in China

Learn Traditional Kung Fu in China

Welcome to the official English website of the Shaolin Traditional Wushu Institute. This website is to provide you with all the information you need when exploring for opportunities in regards to practicing Shaolin Kung Fu here in China.

The Xinyiba Traditional Kung Fu school is located in the small village called Xi (West) Shilipu, between the town of Dengfeng and the Shaolin Temple. Our school, named “Shaolin Traditional Wushu Institute” is an affiliate of the Xinyiba research society, and its purpose is passing on the traditional skills of Shaolin Kung Fu to the next generation. The Shaolin Xinyiba Research Society was founded by Master Hu Zhengsheng in 2012, thereby fulfilling the last wish of his master, Yang Guiwu.

Our society aims to research and to preserve the ancient skills and methods of Shaolin boxing, of Xinyiba, and its related styles. We actively promote and share knowledge with other martial artists – within China, and all over the world.

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Our Shaolin Kung Fu School

Shaolin Traditional Wushu Institute school is one of the few Kung Fu schools that openly teach traditional Shaolin Kung Fu to international students. Our Shaolin Kung Fu school is a small traditional school, which tries to provide it’s students a life-enriching experience by teaching them ancestral Kung Fu and provide an overall rich experience within the Chinese culture and the Shaolin way of life.

What makes our Xinyiba Kung Fu school unique is that the legacy that we are keeping alive is a lineage that dates back to the late Ming dynasty, when Kung Fu master Ji Longfeng (or Ji Long), famous for his mastery of spear, developed 2 new Kung Fu methods: Xinyiba and Liuhequan. They have been passed down within the Shaolin Temple through a well-documented lineage.

Authentic Shaolin Training Will Test Your Boundaries and Push your limits to the Max

Be Prepared To Experience true growth

Authentic Shaolin Training Will Test Your Boundaries And Push Your Limits To The Max

Be Prepared To Experience True Growth

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“Best experience of my life!”

“Best experience of my life!

Thousands of kilometers from my country, I felt at home while I stayed in this astonishing institute. Everyone is super welcoming, very friendly, always willing to provide you with anything you may need.

Concerning martial arts, the institute respects every letter of the phrase “kung fu Shaolin”. Traditional to its core, it provides you with tons of knowledge, taught by amazing instructors..”

Cid Belo – Portugal

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